How to get “likes” on your Facebook Business Page

Like Us On FacebookSo you’ve got a fantastic business reflected in your great Facebook Page but only your friends and family “like” your business page on Facebook? Ever wondered why?

Creating a great visually attractive Facebook page is a good start but this isn’t enough by itself.

Think about any business pages that you have “liked” on Facebook. What made you decide to like them? Was it their brilliantly designed page or was it that you genuinely like their product and are happy to let your friends and family know that?

I “liked” a conservatory company page a few weeks ago. I know they build great conservatories but I didn’t do it for that reason, I did it because my friend asked me to help him get started. The fact that I “liked” this page then appeared on all my friends’ and family’s pages which prompted some odd questions from people. ‘Jo, I didn’t know you’d had a conservatory!’ and ‘The salesman must’ve been pretty good looking for you to have liked their page!’. It made me want to withdraw my “like”. (I haven’t but I’ll definitely think twice before liking a company page again!)

All the other business pages I like are local businesses that make products or deliver services that I genuinely like and am happy to endorse. For instance my local chocolatier (no surprises to those that know me) and a co-working company that has changed the way I think about my working environment.

So, now think about whether people would be pleased to endorse your product or service. If not, why not? Facebook isn’t right for every business and certainly not every product. If you make haemorrhoid cream or run an escort service it’s unlikely that even your best customers will want to advertise their satisfaction with your company and product/service  on Facebook so you should probably try something other than social media.

But for most businesses it’s about finding an angle that makes “liking” your product or brand – fashionable. Of course you can offer an incentive for those that “like” your page for instance a discount or entry into a prize draw. But even more valuable is to find that angle that will make people want to “like” your page: Engaging content, great product, interesting / funny posts, locality and cultural values can all help.

Cultural values? I mean, if you’re a farm selling organic and free-range produce – make a big deal out of the organic and free-range side of things. There are plenty of people who appreciate these values and would like to shout to their friends and family that they buy free range and organic produce.

Want to learn more about how to use Facebook for your business, go to our website or contact me to discuss your needs:


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